About Us

Lars Frederiksen Marketing is an advertising development service with one goal, and that is addressing the many marketing and branding needs of companies. We started out at a time when social media was still not that widely-used as a marketing and branding tool, an era we remember fondly as a confusing time and when television and radio ads were king and queen, respectively.

As it’s a fact of life that television and radio ads will always cost much, we offered advertising alternatives like posters and streamers alongside cheap TV and radio spots at niche radio stations. Eventually, as technology marched on, we moved to social media, and this meant translating the event poster or streamer into a high-definition image with details that are almost instantly visible at first glance, without the need to zoom in.

Today, with social media being at its peak, we have gone beyond the poster and have, in fact, adapted to the photo trends of all social media sites. We now make profile pictures and cover photos that clearly reflect your brand, product, and service, and our writers can help create a writeup that entices your target market to buy the products and services you offer.

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